— Steinbeck “Travels with Charley” Hoping to Find Out

Pick-up truck parked in a forest
Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels

— Our Journey Is All about Discovery

A girl rides a bicycle in a natural road followed by her little white dog
Image by Sean Wareing in Pixabay

And help save both nature and humans.

A couple resting on a park bench enjoying the view of skyscrapers in Bangkok.
Igor Ovsyannykov in Pixabay

— Here Is Why

Night view of a big city with many high buildings
Free photos by Pixabay

Climate conditions on Earth depend on cycles

Simplified schematic of the global carbon cycle, IPCC WG1AR5, 2013

— education and health are good places to start

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Health Day highlights equality

Image by Billy Cedeno in Pixabay

They are the symbol of a sustainable life

Image by Semida Silveira

Reflections after reading Robert Greene

Image of StockSnap by Pixabay

— a Chance for Insight

Image by Pavlofox in Pixabay

Semida Silveira

CEO — Founder of Sustainable Vision. KTH Professor. I write on multiple dimensions of sustainable development, policies, innovation and societal transformation.

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